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dodano: 10-08-2012 r. przez: Grzegorz Lewicki, liczba wyświetleń: 5011141
Zestaw turystyczny ;)
(1 głosów)
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turbogio12518:02 16-04-2013
EPIC.... thats it
Activeautoworld17:46 16-04-2013
I think it did pretty well for the fact that it was towing a trailer and had a boat on the roof.
proudredneckTX04:05 15-04-2013
go watch out smarted by the mud!! a amazing vid
Tony a16:22 13-04-2013
these boys build the vans they tow that's why they go to extremes . to prove the vans $110,000 price tag is worth it
Peach Tuntiwong15:50 13-04-2013
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Galego Bezerra01:44 12-04-2013
Parabéns e isto ai !!!
GICTechTV14:46 10-04-2013
where did u get that boat ?
merfra4116:43 08-04-2013
Would love to see more!
merfra4116:43 08-04-2013
That was some awesome 4 x 4 a great driving mate. LOL
Gabriel Frechette01:19 08-04-2013
I faï tonber
MrDonzaa18:28 07-04-2013
verry verry stronger and great driver
Craig Horton15:19 07-04-2013
That is really cool, but seems to me a tent would be a lot less headache.
grafff4x423:17 06-04-2013
Aussies sure know how to picnic in the outback. If it moves forward keep on going!
backbeatz00:47 05-04-2013
Spedezle21:31 31-03-2013
Yeah, I wouldn't go to Alaskan or Siberian outbacks with a travel trailer myself. The odds of something going south is so much more likely with a trailer than with a tent. But I'm sure it's an experience to tow thing like that off-road :D
VlPrtn18:57 31-03-2013
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abdo abdose17:06 30-03-2013
crazy peaple
painmagnet111:03 30-03-2013
I do agree in a way- I went 4wheeling just today in my heavily modified Tacoma (1 ton axles 38.5/11 Boggers) and everything was boringly easy as usual. But I think if I were REALLY far away from civilization, I'd trade the challenge of dragging a travel trailer for a more comfortable and reliable trip. Then again, I'm sure that hauling the huge trailer around is an integral part of the show's sponsorship.
Spedezle10:37 30-03-2013
And what would be the fun part in that?
iLike4x408:06 30-03-2013
13joethepro20:57 29-03-2013
eeewww leaf spring on a 4x4 disgusting!
Activeautoworld04:56 27-03-2013
We dont get many SUV's with diesel here in the states.
bumsmodified98xj09:42 26-03-2013
That's off roading for your ASS!
painmagnet100:53 26-03-2013
Way to make easy trails difficult! These guys would be better off traveling lighter with tents and a real trail vehicle like a Unimog or Pinzgauer.
tomasrap pranckus03:05 24-03-2013
esto es impresionante o mai got jejeje
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