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dodano: 22-07-2012 r. przez: zzz, liczba wyświetleń: 18421
Pomiar mocy z snorkelem i bez niego
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RIPPMODS15:53 25-02-2013
Yes, you can go through reasonable water and mud without the snorkel - the snorkel if doe river crossing. You have to gauge the off-roading you do. AFTER All it is your Jeep and investment.
RIPPMODS15:51 25-02-2013
Yea - but point of the test was to demo the available snorkel with a compressor. Its just as ease to connect the snorkel when you hit the trail.
funfactortv07:00 05-02-2013
you dont often do 70mph through a water crossing
riflemanjim21:55 03-12-2012
All the turns and twists in the snorkel probably dont help airflow. If you ran the same diameter snorkel straight out of tue hood it wouldnt hurt the power as much.
RIPPMODS18:42 03-12-2012
Good point as well... The JK's pulleys have tall walls which help keep the belt clean and well and a really nice tensioner with plenty of push to deal with slip. Our instruction are to keep the snorkel disconnected during normal driving and hook it up when "snorkeling".
RIPPMODS18:38 03-12-2012
Good point - BUT - The snorkels also choke down to 3" from 3.5" - which cuts down the air volume... making less power...
mathewhumvee17:46 03-12-2012
The snorkel just raises the air intake so yes you could go in water over the hood line. the problem is that if the belt for the super charger gets dirty or wet it could slip. another problem is because of the pressure from the super charger it could suck water in from driving in the rain . besides that go ahead
WoundDragon18:23 22-11-2012
So.. With a snorkel and the supercharger does that mean I can still go through deep water? And or mud
davidos15:27 27-08-2012
raczej bez filtra.....
digtacular21:19 29-02-2012
The air goes through a filter on the snorkel....letting "the blower breathe naturally" was accomplished without a filter of any kind (right?). Not sure if that really proves anything. Either way, I'm pretty excited about these superchargers---was considering a v-8 swap, and a friend mentioned this....not sure why they don't get more recognition in the major JK mags.
RIPPMODS19:41 14-02-2012
The Diablo is the only way to move the tune from to the Jeep - The diablo has 99% of the Superchips features. Besides the pros way out weigh the cons ;)
jsmaldokj19:31 14-02-2012
will my superchips be compatiable, or do i need to use the diablo
RIPPMODS15:17 14-02-2012
Yes - please look through our video's we have posted a sneak peak
RIPPMODS15:16 14-02-2012
The fact is your restricting the intake size - so no matter what speed your driving your literally delivering less volume. The air however is colder which offsets it slightly... But less colder air, is still LESS air.
jsmaldokj20:21 12-02-2012
What about at highway speeds. My safari snorkel improve my power when a 70mph fan was aimed at the intake.
Mikes1000Toys19:07 09-11-2011
Can you put this supercharger on the new 2012 v6
jmrtinez6904:46 25-09-2011
Thanks for the info good luck with the 2012 jk
RIPPMODS15:26 21-09-2011
All RIPP JK kits come with pre-programmed Diablo Sport tuners - Kits are equipped with Larger injectors, plug and play map sensors and tune.
jmrtinez6905:02 21-09-2011
What are you using to tune it? When you purchase your supercharge kit what's used to tune the computer?
RANDEsposito21:04 07-09-2011
We have no solid data on engine temps and snorkels - Yes, this has our LTH and MBRP Exhaust
Jonathan McCracken20:39 07-09-2011
Ive seen where engine temps with a snorkel are a lot cooler than with a regular intake.... Also, does this jeep have your LT headers and a full exhaust?
RIPPMODS17:42 14-07-2011
There is no such thing as RAM air effect with the snorkel because your choking the inlet tube size down from 3.5" to 3" and mathematically its less air than the standard size... Having less "rammed air" is still less air...
viperdrake17:29 14-07-2011
isnt the point of the snorkel to use the incoming cold air while you move to perform better?? the jeep is just standing there no breeze or air getting to the snorkel besides from the actual pull from the super charger
xredline07x08:09 26-06-2011
What size/kind of tires are those?
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