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dodano: 13-07-2012 r. przez: Bartłomiej Sawaryn, liczba wyświetleń: 54635
John Rich radzi jak używać kinetyka
My głownie radzilismy czego nie robić, a tu poradnik jak robić...
(3 głosów)
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ColoradoShooting02:13 06-02-2013
Also, I cannot find a source for the safety straps in the USA. Are they available here? If not, how can one make them? What strength is required, and what knots are used to make the loop?
ColoradoShooting02:12 06-02-2013
Extremely helpful and well thought pout video! Thank you! New to the sport but I've heard it said that when using these kinetic straps that you should pull the stuck vehicle from both recovery points to avoid twisting the vehicle frame. When is this important or not important?
FM41807:18 02-02-2013
Great information! Thanks for sharing! :o)
Walter Kutcher15:39 16-11-2012
Very informative, Thank you
danielaguila122:15 04-08-2011
This guys knows his shit! Thanks for the video.
MORPHEUSou81201:31 02-03-2011
Thank You for the information
westernhunter3820:13 18-01-2011
Excellent information. Safety straps are important when using shackles. I have a WARN Reciever Shackle Bracket in the Class IV hitch of my Ford F-150. Everything is held in by the only thing possible - a 5/8" hitch pin, the weakest link in my whole setup. Can't find a manufacturer anywhere that states the load/shear limits of their hitch pins. Therefore I'd rather have the weakest link be the recovery strap itself, rather than have 10 lbs of forged steel go flying through someones windshield.
4xforum12:01 19-12-2010
Thanks. You will find plenty more free 4x4 video at 4xforum.com
aghaheyer07:57 19-12-2010
nice demo
4xforum09:08 28-09-2010
But if there was a break, the pulling drive would feel a huge jerk and stop pulling. If he/she ignored the jerk, and kept on pulling the load would be on the bull bar but the safety strap would break LONG before the bull bar would, because it's designed to stop a broken cable from flying about, not to pull a vehicle.
fezuk200621:42 27-09-2010
After I posted I realised he could of used the tow bar. Still if the shackle broke on the towing car end could it not then divert the pull onto the safety rope which is attached to the bullbar.
4xforum20:46 27-09-2010
The safety strap arrests a strap if it breaks, stopping it hitting anything.. It is not then used to pull, and therefore no load, or very little load is applied. The tow bar can be used, but never the tow ball, as they are brittle and if they break, they can become a deadly missile. I hope this clarifies what we were trying to explain. 4xforum.com
fezuk200619:51 27-09-2010
when he sticks the first safety rope on and then uses the bullbar as a mount for it. If the main strap broke near the point of the shackle it could then put all the weight of the vehicles on the bullbar? Also I like how the guy at the end says don't attach it to the towbar yet they seem to do it in the video straight after..
evhvariac219:01 01-09-2010
Sould we also set up a one mile safety perimeter? Just kidding, very well done. 
cagmito7619:33 07-08-2010

cagmito7619:31 07-08-2010
of course its overkill but better to be safe than sorry cut corners at your own risk
Chase King06:46 24-04-2010
I know these things are very dangerous if hooked up wrong, but a bit of overkill maybe?
stevesprinceofsteaks20:16 04-09-2009
Don't expect us to wait all day on you. we got loose 10 minutes ago while you were picking grass. Good video. Bit of over kill. Right about no metal in place to be hurled in case of break.
nosflamer18:01 11-04-2009
thank you so much i was going to get a kinetic strap and just use it for every pull no 8-24 hour recovery time thanks im not gonna get 1 but i also learned more stuff for other straps also very good video.
ruuman11:42 06-02-2009
this should be mandatory viewing for anyone who owns a kinetic rope, there so dangerous if you get it wrong!
Nicks4wd11:23 27-09-2008
very helpful thankyou
wescobts23:25 03-03-2008
Love the videos, well done
Trolls4fun21:52 19-02-2008
Excellent info!
wright17wright1711:16 10-11-2007
really good info and very tru
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