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dodano: 23-06-2012 r. przez: Adam Kwiatek, liczba wyświetleń: 341632
Extreme Off-Road Competition "Klaperjaht 2011"
Klaperjaht 2011 extreme off-road wyzwaniem wciągarki w Estonii.
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ElectronicTechno121:19 04-04-2013
Well, by the title it is called the Winch Challenge. And it looks like their are different classes, which I would imagine compete at different skill levels with different levels of vehicle modification.
Mitchell Todd00:35 29-03-2013
what time of axles and portals are they running?
kalgstol17:36 18-03-2013
whats with these assholes and the winch cables
ThePartysmarty03:06 17-03-2013
#1 dont use some of these vehicals, #2 throw some lifts on the jeeps, i believe i saw some wranglers not positive, #3 GET A F**KING TRUCK hello bigger engine and can put a safer lift on it
Tyler E17:01 08-03-2013
TheBenakroyd22:51 06-03-2013
he is right though
TheBenakroyd22:43 06-03-2013
well mate they usually because they FUCKING GET STUCK! arsehole
WaTTzas14:18 23-02-2013
You could do at least some research before dropping stupid comments like that.
WaTTzas14:14 23-02-2013
You do know they run 40's with portal axles, don't you?
kimomt04:01 13-02-2013
Are those mostly suzkies?
Sneadster08:44 12-02-2013
"look at meeee! i have 33's!!!!!" hahahahhahahahahha
Sneadster08:42 12-02-2013
i'd LOVE to see these guys in an American mud hole...lol i laughed me ass off the whole time...lmfao pretty sad lolololol
bomberman80905:15 12-02-2013
poor seems that unfortunately gives head to that ... I walked away from winch at least 100 meters fabor idiots ...
MrMatt206604:28 11-02-2013
These guys suck!! They don't even try to get through. They hit mud get scared and bust out a wench
bennibizaa23:36 10-02-2013
Extreme winch competititon
22hawaiiantropic00:30 06-02-2013
this is a stupid ass video. 
Lane Waite13:34 03-02-2013
By the look of it. They should just get a boat with tires around the sturn and just use the winch like they been doing the whole video
GrueSomeStandard02:45 02-02-2013
What is this? The winch master nationals? Someone should tell these yuppies a lift, big mud tires and horsepower would do them some good. Oh gee great they can winch themselves through mud holes they cant drive through. Thumbs down.
timo raig23:51 27-01-2013
and this happens only in estonia (i live in estonia)
timothyhoppen13:07 22-01-2013
6:59. . . . ran over someones foot. Haha.
jeep07:07 22-01-2013
I agree with the other guy its dumb every one is stuck get some real trucks
Janja Marc12:32 18-01-2013
organization idiots wanna go extreme and dont have right cars,stupid u need mud truck to come out of here,why do u do that?its not fun to wach if there is no race out of mud just pepole and cars stuck inside the mud,really stupid man totaly bored when waching i would never go wach in real life just waste of money to wach a pool of mud and cars with pepole trying to remove mud with hand? oh cmon stupid off roaders ! ·
travispiso18:45 13-01-2013
some say that 20 cars are still in the mud
BEN DOVER03:54 07-01-2013
really did they all think they could get through that mud
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