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dodano: 04-01-2013 r. przez: voytekŻagań, liczba wyświetleń: 122661
Taki tam... Podjazd
Małe silniki, mały podjazd;)
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pinnedoutmx12:04 15-04-2013
the green sheep at 2:08 was a totally flying rocket!!
Josey Pardini23:11 01-04-2013
Lorenzo Trevino16:19 20-03-2013
Holy shit! The guy at 7:00 has balls in that truck.. What type of motor does he have in it? Do you know
racerx14323:33 19-03-2013
Was that guy in the yellow jeep on crack? His passanger at some point had enough and got the hell out!
kwaky200522:25 14-03-2013
I'd be soo irritated how many times that small block s10 jumped lanes and almost took out the other truck lol
Jerry Turner Sr.14:43 13-03-2013
Great snow climb, thanks for sharing.
dfyreman200301:09 04-03-2013
It looks like downtown Great Falls, MT on a good day.
dfyreman200301:07 04-03-2013
Part of racing is learning to control the horses. When out of control you let up on the power. He learned after the roll over me thinks...
bonkers902122:37 03-03-2013
these are mud trucks not hill climbers total different setups on em not really designed to run up icy hillclimbs he has a motor that runs 800 plus horse its kinda hard to control when the tires arent on the ground all the time
bonkers902122:32 03-03-2013
i believe he is running a built 454 not sure what he has in it but i know its fast as all hell he runs mudbogs near here he is from cheboygan mi and usually blows the pit it is not set up for hill climbs that is y he has a hard time going straight
OGHATERSINC06:04 27-02-2013
Talk about karma. The guy with the s10 crossing the centerline all the time ends up rolling... Too funny
smiley37greg10:42 22-02-2013
Pretty sweet, monster horsepower vehicles. It seemed like having the perfect combination of traction and weight balance were crucial to making it up the hill efficiently and in your lane.
maciekoff16:42 21-02-2013
so many fucking adds
WE2TECH22:33 19-02-2013
that bright green jeep is a hoss lots of money in that thing good stuff Dunetv
jeremlag3419:27 19-02-2013
C'est un peu du n'importe quoi!
TLAUZON2200:58 09-02-2013
That Green Jeep 2:04 0_o
Devin Ogilvie04:22 07-02-2013
ahh yes unfortunately money only buys horsepower not brains...
GMC4x4Forums18:55 04-02-2013
Looks like a blast. I loved seeing some of the heavy fullsize rigs competing. Nice flip and recovery around 5:30! The custom rigs around 7:00+ are impressive to say the least
HondaCR250r72702:25 04-02-2013
The s10 guy is an asshole he should have been kicked out
kiakingofcars20:55 03-02-2013
guy in the red s10 is a fuckin douche.....
flyingfencepost01:21 31-01-2013
lol the go kart on the left at 7:23
Kent Kollath14:33 30-01-2013
lol at the white dodge @ 1:49
dfyreman200307:03 29-01-2013
The guy in the S10 should've been black flagged for the entire event on the first race... just saying...
xanderal90314:13 25-01-2013
Never seen so much Horsepower in one place.
Matthew SquatchWatchin03:03 25-01-2013
looks like that green jeep is running meth o.O
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