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dodano: 04-01-2013 r. przez: musso, liczba wyświetleń: 555265
Marouder )
Auto wyprawowe :)
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Warren de Villiers13:34 17-04-2013
The Paramount Group in South Africa, Jordan And Azerbaijan.In a 4x4 or 6x6 versions and can fit a crew of up to 10 people. Price depends on specs and military outfitting aswell as paint etc.
jawaldek11:32 17-04-2013
Pali to to od jasnego gwizdka, kiepski promień skrętu. Na nie jednej \"drodze\" co nasze samochody przelatują bez problemu, wkleił by natychmiast ale jako szpan to OK.
me2ontube17:39 14-04-2013
who makes it and where are they
FLAME456410:55 09-04-2013
not if you dont pass a background check you cant.
FLAME456410:54 09-04-2013
i think so like the american Hummer is but unlike the Hummer the people who made the Marauder require you to pass a background check of some sort and if ur rich enough come up with a marauder sized check based on the price that these military spec veichles sell for.
utku aras18:14 08-04-2013
oha amk nasıl bişey bu
SniffOxygen22:54 06-04-2013
I want this to kick ass martial law traitors.
C.J. Carter10:11 30-03-2013
Perfect vehicle for the Russian Roads! 
Noname313013:19 24-03-2013
Finally found something to replace my bulletproof golden stretch hummer
Relicse12:56 24-03-2013
I have now made up my mind to what car I shall receive on my graduation.
kigasadubai07:17 19-03-2013
the UN is using MARAUDER. 
Neo Quello18:55 18-03-2013
yes it is. it was also featured on Top Gear UK a couple of years ago.
Neo Quello18:55 18-03-2013
you are wrong.
BeeSolomona08:09 18-03-2013
its available for regular citizens isnt it?
moronicron23:09 15-03-2013
Thats were you are wrong!
Ivar ojaäär00:35 13-03-2013
you cant buy it since your a regular citizen
yhoan shlits17:28 09-03-2013
i am 15 and im going to make enough money to buy one any one want to help me buy a 300,000 dollar tuck plz
ntahapapa0110:10 08-03-2013
ok ok, i got it. this vehicle can stand RPG and has anti-mine protection. in other word it is a robust vehicle. but why on earth it carries a spare tire?????????
Teen Icarus20:18 07-03-2013
actually, it's windows can withstand RPG's = they're 90 mm thick! Of course, the windshield wipers can be torn off by angry lions...
Ian Marais21:01 03-03-2013
watch (ten ton military vehicle - top gear - bbc) there it does some serious runing over.
Piotr Stycz17:02 26-02-2013
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDoRmT0iRic - tu jest dużo ciekawiej bo to przecież autko miejskie
Piotr Stycz16:50 26-02-2013
ja takiego chce !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
EminTech16:45 23-02-2013
Only 3 countries operate and manufacture the Marauder and the Matador: Azerbaijan, South Africa, and Jordan!
Sohave02:37 23-02-2013
Nah, cars with high fuel consumption usually have huge fuel tanks!
franky1l19:35 18-02-2013
not really since it would use a massive amount of fuel
Christoddv08:24 13-02-2013
1:00 it will run over you with a smile
Ryantube00723:17 12-02-2013
A massive offroad vehicle that costs a fortune. Seems like a waste of military resources when all it would probably take to completly disable it is a single rpg. Still, it gets points for being awesome.
LamboSpyder9919:05 04-02-2013
My dream is to own & drive this car in India...........and not give a FUCK about anybody.
Kuba Rosiak18:19 04-01-2013
samochód chucka norrisa ^^
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