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dodano: 18-12-2012 r. przez: Bartłomiej Sawaryn, liczba wyświetleń: 350286
Best of Video - Dakar 2012
Najlepsze (podobno) zdjęcia z Dakaru 2012
(4 głosów)
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Tuomas Inkilä18:33 16-04-2013
Too short
gusty carrizo22:48 10-04-2013
INCREÍBLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Olivier Strebel23:42 28-03-2013
...good edit but too long!!
pbsmallnips04:22 18-03-2013
never met any desert racer that was a baby
bennon122100:23 17-03-2013
I think there actual racers and to be honest i perfer them over the other vehicles and i kind of find them more practical for this race but its still fun to watch them all.
MovingTargetOne17:44 11-03-2013
Nice video, would of been better without so many quick cuts between shots
clubcross trail00:43 10-03-2013
watch my compilation
Piccion01 .15:58 09-03-2013
name of the song at 4:44?
vikash kr17:47 07-03-2013
and thats dakar something that every male loves :)
Piccion01 .21:31 03-03-2013
name of the song at 4:44?
xr70exc08:02 01-03-2013
これが本当のドラマですね!作られたものには無い真の感動がある! 最も過酷なのはmotoのriderなんでしょうね。
STEPHANE PORTE13:16 20-02-2013
très beaux court métrage, j espère que tout c est acteurs ont eux le droit a leur oscar!
kongo05:11 19-02-2013
and are those big trucks the support trucks or actually racers
kongo04:50 19-02-2013
Are they not aloud winches....? cause i see alot of instances where a winch would be handy
kongo04:49 19-02-2013
dakar eats and shits out Baja1000 Racers
lampisgod13:34 17-02-2013
Anyone know track tittle?
MrMotopunk23:19 15-02-2013
I cried a little
Rajesh Ch20:27 10-02-2013
Its fabulous and hard to drive the motor vehicles in the desert.WOOWWW
MrLeolion12322:30 07-02-2013
That was what 4x4s our about having the time of your life my Suzuki Vitara Jeep is 21 years old passes the m.o.t first time and it goes through snow sand mud heavy rain and most terrains the fun goes on!,but the Dakar is the most gruelling test you can put your machine through and your body! it takes a special person to give up there time to do this well done to all who part participated ! FIRST CLASS !
MrJimmyja00:50 06-02-2013
First you guys had to killing each other!!
Bartek Sołtysiak01:17 05-02-2013
Very good video!!!!
Bartek Sołtysiak01:12 05-02-2013
Dakar is in Africa... This should be an important aspect. Ask each pilot the difference between both places and you will understand why they are incomparable. Although South america is really amazing, Dakar is better in Africa. The essence is different.
SuperniusPL15:36 03-02-2013
I posted this video in my website
Rommik RUS08:50 30-01-2013
leo61236716:37 29-01-2013
EXCELENTE..... hasta el 2014 amigos!
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