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dodano: 21-10-2012 r. przez: mikusien, liczba wyświetleń: 292205
Katowanie Troopera
To jest to, czego nie nalezy robic w domu :P
(4 głosów)
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chris hanson19:35 08-03-2013
thespian13:03 05-03-2013
Hay que ser muy hijo de puta para hacerle esto a un auto..!!
piepsznik22:41 27-02-2013
Kur a ja bym nim jeszcze pare lat pojeździł grrr. nie ładnie
terrellxgimenezy21:41 23-02-2013
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crzy4legos100704:52 03-02-2013
..... Show me the CarFax..... XD LOLZ, just comes to show you, give a irresponsible kid they keys of your old SUV and this is what they will do to it.....
Kuba Rosiak14:16 14-12-2012
haha szkoda samochodu ale dobra zabawa
linda piston12:35 25-11-2012
why the fuck would you do that i have had 5 troopers and i would never do such a thing like that to wreck a brilliant jeep at end of day pal MARSHALL IS A SHED
renoldsivalerif19:27 07-11-2012
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BatissGROVINT16:04 26-10-2012
bande de trous du culs
Krzysztof Adamczyk23:14 21-10-2012
daje trzy szóstki!
Maciej Goc22:50 21-10-2012
catzit1503:38 19-10-2012
Its what you pose to do before they repo it....
malissalhigueran16:42 09-10-2012
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JugZZZZZ04:26 01-10-2012
so this is what i get to look forward to...right after i fix the rear abs light so i can pass a break and light inspection....:) it must die
jonnybanger23:02 25-09-2012
Beat the crap out of two troopers (87 and 92 models) and both lived past 200k miles. Took really good care of my 2000 and the bastards engine died at 147k. Guess the 2.3 and the 3.2 engines were just better than the 3.5
Joe Tuffin20:31 06-09-2012
would never do that to my Trooper, They rock.
Powrd04:16 03-08-2012
This is the dumbest fucking video i've ever seen on youtube. you fucks should be ashamed. I love my trooper and to thrash a tranny that bad even if it is in bad shape just shows how dumb you people really are. fucking trash.
herkulares18:55 02-08-2012
kaputt machen war noch nie eine Kunst
carlos valensuela19:28 07-07-2012
pobre carro lo cagaron estos pendejos 
sss727507:52 28-06-2012
fuck ur mom
joshua620017:58 21-06-2012
PIG?!! Fuck you! I'm going to kick your ass....right after I finish my Big Mac!!
DEADMAN315E13:22 19-06-2012
You guys r just I bet that car was from rent or you bought from money that you from casino
MrNuminix16:22 15-06-2012
Didn't post my full comment last time. I have nothing against people that have some fun with junk cars. Just those who hold themselves over others financially like a bunch of pigs. It makes sense especially if the car is so fucked that you can't register it.
MrNuminix16:19 15-06-2012
I own a '94 Isuzu Rodeo and thought the whole line of rebranded cars that they came out with we're great. This video was painful to watch honestly especially considering the amount of work I put into my Rodeo. But I did watch it... Just goes to show that some people have way too much money and time. However this is not where my issue is. My issue resides with the fucktards misrepresenting our county through the comments. Don't you dare make fun of 3rd world countries you fucking arrogant prick
Jules Bryan Ballares08:52 29-05-2012
alright theyre gay gayyest people
Jules Bryan Ballares16:36 26-05-2012
shut uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup and just play online games
Jules Bryan Ballares16:33 26-05-2012
your very bad even a expesive truck you will destruct it you wont be lonely of that truck
Cambios Drasticos07:36 23-04-2012
estupidos! idiots.! i have a trooper 89 im loving my car.
d26007318:56 02-04-2012
Then someone should work and get their own car. These guys aren't hurting anyone. It is afterall a free country. I can work and if i want to spend my money on an old truck and destroy it, then guess what? That is my right and i like my freedom. Do you think there is a shortage of cars or something? ...someone could of used that. Maybe they should just give it away to someone who doesnt want to work that's on welfare who spends there foodstamps on beer and cookouts? Forget it.
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