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dodano: 17-10-2012 r. przez: jarul21, liczba wyświetleń: 583315
Extreme Truck Challenge
Off road wersja hard
(2 głosów)
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Issac Bluecoat15:25 22-03-2013
whooo eeeeeeeeee dang 
tarcisio alemão02:43 16-03-2013
bacana demais...
3bdullahNasser03:27 27-02-2013
مبروك الموتر تالف :)
Juicebronco00:45 15-02-2013
Late April
chefgiovanni06:02 11-02-2013
When do they run the race ?
kitfoxflyer03:00 29-01-2013
wicked stuff woo hoo Started 4 wheeling in the 70s - I wish I had videos from back them 2 weeks in the muskeg ! Woo hoo
sockrockinhickinthes06:47 10-12-2012
2:41 forget having some one hold my beer i need that to preform
johnnyboy92205:11 06-12-2012
not meant as an insult from me, sweet footage but you have to know your audience. automotive/offroad guys are big into the realness of it. a video of an import showcar meet would go good with music. anyhow thanks for posting this video it was fun to watch.
balince198021:50 24-11-2012
When you can drive these thingso home it makes it that much better
grisza7306:44 24-11-2012
i rode an enduro there
TheAntho8623:41 31-10-2012
there was a lot of trucks breaking in this video
HIllCarver01:37 24-10-2012
That bronco really wanted to flip didn't he! some nice driving though.
archibald2294519:24 12-10-2012
I agree w/no music. Otherwise well done , great stuff
JonteTheMan122:03 11-10-2012
None of them know how to climb. Full throttle just leaves you with no traction
Dstryevrytng07:42 02-10-2012
HS! And i was thinking of hitting Twisted Trails on my next trip back home. I guess i'll need more spare shafts! Awesome vid bro and BTW i didnt mind the music and could hear motors and breakage just fine.
AzMarineGhillieGhost20:40 14-09-2012
Totally cool. Some of these rigs and their drivers are insane! Awesome driving and video. Thanks for posting.
AngryOscar11:35 14-09-2012
Nice I use to Live in Traverse City!
Lloyd Campbell12:53 17-08-2012
we would rather hear the engines and parts breaking without the droning of the music going on and on
Cameron Skaggs18:12 10-08-2012
hey this is not a sport it is a distruction of the badest trucks
Nick B16:46 28-07-2012
he has a point WE WANT MOTORS NOT MUSIC.
n45w7321:39 04-07-2012
oh i see you are saying they were blasting that "music" louder than motors in the wood also ?! geez and i was tempted for 2 secs to buy your video !!!
MrTuberize05:43 04-07-2012
i doubt i will be doing that stuff to risky.
Josh Jackson16:46 01-07-2012
1:08 supermans gonna keep it from falling over! dumbass
eumese6001:55 01-07-2012
quiero comprar uno de estos quien tiene uno a la venta o alguien que de informacion para acer uno saludos de chile
Dteetz9705:44 25-06-2012
:43 well theres your problem
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