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dodano: 24-06-2012 r. przez: Adam Kwiatek, liczba wyświetleń: 72659
Lockers vs Open Differentials
This video shows how much easier lockers make obstacles, and how even an easy obstacle is difficult with open differentials.
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darkfenix200100:06 15-04-2013
Water doesn't help either. You definitely don't need a spotter for this kind of stuff.
ballader114:47 14-04-2013
A longer wheelbase would have helped in that trail, lower tire pressure would have also been helpful. But you need to drive a bit better (taking the right lines and applying the correct amount of throttle), and all your problems will be solved.
Piotrek Kostrzewski20:25 25-03-2013
Most of the "open diff vs locker" vids are more about inexperienced off-road drivers. More than half of them you find running street pressure in their tires. I've gone over things with open/open that people with lockers have struggled on. Just have to learn to make the most with what you have.
MrWhitels102:31 21-03-2013
Thanks! You make a good point! 
fiskus21123:46 20-03-2013
It also helps knowing how to drive :) nice vid
DrDankenstein420zx07:23 17-03-2013
Like Nathan said, they are not free. The other consideration is that they are not something your average person would attempt to install. The other part is that many lockers have a reputation for causing problems on the road, this may scare many people off true or not. That being said, I believe they are the most important and should be the first upgrade.
Andrew Hagel05:55 21-02-2013
you could walk up that trail with the right line and lower tire pressure...
Jason Bruce01:44 28-01-2013
I've seen so many videos of people having problems on rock obstacles. Lockers would be a big help, but loosing some air pressure would be helpful. Especially for an inexsperinced driver. Love the jeeps.
FixedGearFix04:58 17-01-2013
because it takes the fun and challenge out of wheeling
ayala64402:25 19-12-2012
U have to point ur truck in the easyest trails. Dude is making sure no teinkkies were hurt inaking this film
ayala64402:23 19-12-2012
Fat fk this its a 4x4 just turn in any direction and the truck should
billy9747804:15 18-12-2012
reminds me why i need a lockers for my new truck. people say theyre harder on stuff but theyve always allowed me to go slowly and pick a good line vs having to bash through and keep momentum up causing breakage. i broke less with lockers because it allows me to go slower is what i was trying to say.
badbidet00:55 30-11-2012
aussie locker $250 TJ>JK
william1633903:33 20-11-2012
AmericanThunder02:54 20-11-2012
I agree. For a daily driver, I wouldn't suggest a true locker. You can run a trac-loc with a tight clutch pack instead of a true locker with good results, without sacrificing any street driveability issues.
Stewart Conley19:49 17-11-2012
Uhhhh guy in yellow jeep( open diff ) is a deuche he's not reading the trail whatsoever he's pressing and praying. I'll run that in a fukin power wheels jeep dude
Craigmw4504:35 17-11-2012
Your right, he likely would have had no problem going through that with aired-down tires. But with just a rear locker, that is almost a 2wd obstacle. You'll likely know this, but for the benefit of everyone else, the first and most important thing you should do if you're building something to go off road is buy, and instal a locker. Other wise, someone like me with street tires, and no lift will come pull your sorry ass out.
william1633915:41 10-11-2012
yeah but lockers on blacktop...
MTLKEBEK19:41 26-10-2012
Longer wheel base makes a difference too.
bigrockslider02:05 04-10-2012
yeah i run my jeep at like 13 psi
HBOCHS06:39 03-10-2012
Yep! Good call, he'd a walked through there no problem if aired down.
bigrockslider22:33 25-09-2012
air them down yellow jeep
Jacob Lauritzen09:52 22-09-2012
good video. good job.
Nathan Myers05:07 20-09-2012
because they are poor like me...
Nathan Myers05:06 20-09-2012
that being said there is nothing wrong with a jeep with a 4 inch lift and 35s.
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